Chris Masterton

Head Professional

Class A - PGA Professional

Okeeheelee Golf Course

Chris Masterton is a fifteen-year PGA member who has focused on teaching during his career, recently having been the Director of Instruction at Brookmeadow CC in Massachusetts from 2001 - 2006. He has taught thousands of individuals in private and group settings, and specializes in newer and casual golfers. He recently moved to South Florida to join our team.

Chris is one of 25 Professionals in the state of Florida holding an advanced PGA Certification in Instruction.

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Student Testimonials

"Unbelievable! I have golfed for years and studied golf magazines to try and improve my game, nothing seemed to work. I was so frustrated, I was ready to quit and then one day at the driving range I met Chris. In one lesson, he gave me a stronger grip and improved my set up and before I left the range that day for the first time in my golfing life, I could finally hit the ball correctly. I would recommend Chris to anyone." -David Smith, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada (February 2012)

"I'm one of those hackers that started at the age of 40. My father-in-law and brother-in-law took me to the driving range with some old clubs and proceeded to teach me all that I would need to know about golf, applying my old baseball swing. We would play and I learned how to score their way... using re-dos, foot wedges, give-me's,  provisions, and mulligans. Afterward at the family dinner table, they would boast about our low 80's scoring.

One day I started to play with clients and in men's groups. I wasn't allowed to touch or move the ball. Behind the bush... hit it, no foot wedge. No give-me's... putt it in. In the water, out of bounds... penalty stroke. I ended up slicing my way to a 112. Over the years, no matter how I tried I could not get rid of the slice. My father-in-law's solution? Put some Vaseline on the club face.

I inquired about lessons and that's where I met Chris Masterton. In 3-4 private lessons, he identified my swing problems and taught me a swing that worked for my old body. The slice went away and my confidence grew. Also I managed to play a round of golf with 1 or 2 balls max. Well my score now is n the high 80's and that's counting every stroke and playing by the rules.

Chris is a patient man who explains things simply enough for an old hacker like myself.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Thanks Chris." - Rob Silio (July 2012)

"Instruction with Chris was absolutely invaluable. best money I ever spent for instruction. Look forward to working with him again." - Frank Casanez

"Instructor was excellent! After playing for over 15 years he had me hitting the best shots of my life within minutes. I'll be back." - Thomas Higgins

"I want to thank you for an incredibly helpful lesson this week.  You showed me how to easily correct and check my stance with your 90 degree rule and that has already made a tremendous difference. I actually hit a green using my 4 hybrid from 185 yards out yesterday!As for the fitting you did with my irons, I am hitting them straight and high and consistently.  I have another set of clubs up north and I will be getting those fitted as soon as I return. I will be coming back in August and I will definitely  be sure to set up another lesson with you." - Phil Metlin

"After a few months of lessons from Chris Masterton , and a lot of practice, and video breakdown by Chris , he has zoned in on parts of my swing and gave me some great advice. Today after his analysis , I went out on John Prince course and shot my best 12 holes . The first 9 were , 13,14,12, a 39 , the last three holes were 11, thanks to Chris Masterton I feel like I'm doing great."  - Brad Baldwin

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